AcuFaBTM acupressure spacer fabric is new fabric  sold and produced in the United States.  It may be new here, but a similar fabric has been made and products made from it have been sold in Asia for several years. Its predecessor product was used for bone-setting because it allow for faster healing.

The attributes of AcuFABTM allow for increased blood flow to the surface tissues of the body so more oxygen reaches the surface tissues.  These attributes allow the fabric to be used in many Medical, Home Care and Consumer products.

One product made from AcuFaBTM is a Pressure Overlay Support Surface to help prevent the development of pressure sores and to aid in the treatment of pressure sores.  In the past and currently mattresses and mattress overlays used to prevent and treat pressure sores are made of foam, gel and use of air to ease pressure against boney body parts covered with a thin layer of surface tissue by distributing the body weight over the entire mattress or mattress overlay surface.

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Can The AcuFABtm Replace Gel, Foam and Air Mattress Overlays?

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